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getting right

August 30, 2008

Today was long. I am tired, and feeling agitated. I really should not be, my life is blessed. I should never let the little things get to me, but I often do. I should not let people get to me, but I am leaning that way today. I should rest in the amazing God that has made himself known to me. I should be totally satisfied in Him. I should be confident in the ministry I lead because I know that I am being led by God. Maybe I know why I am so agitated today.

This week I have neglected the God that keeps my heart beating, the God that holds the universe in balance. I have failed to run to Him for rest and comfort. I have not talked with Him about His desire for my days. I have not got His okay on the tasks for the day. I have not privately worshiped Him as I should. I have left myself with an agitated soul, a soul in need. I have need of the great comfort and sustaining power of the only living God. Why, oh why, should I allow myself to experience this great grief? Why have I allowed myself to experience such troubling unrest? I don’t know the answer to this question.

Why would I know of the great and awesome peace, the overwhelming joy that comes from time spent with God, but not access or cry out for it? Why would I allow anything this world has to offer to, which is futile in comparison to Him, to thwart me from rushing into the presence of this glorious God. What a fool this week has proved me to be.

I don’t know the reason for why I have allowed this, but I surely know how to fix it. I must run to His loving and glorious presence. WadeC